Damn you, Indecision!


Last week, I said one would be nuts to buy a new iPhone at this point in time, given what we have been hearing from Android and from Apple’s roadmap. Today, with the confirmation of the long-rumored Nexus One from Google, an upgraded HTC unit running the latest edition of Android, we saw the platform take another step further in become the true alternative to Apple, in a way that Blackberry and the Palm Pre and anything Microsoft powered have been unable to do.

For iPhone owners who are happy with their platform, and think it’s amazing, the news of the increased competition may mean very little. They still have access to the most robust application store in the world. They still have excellent integration with their desktop machines, especially their Macs. And they can be confident knowing that the product will continue to be upgraded.

But if you’re an iPhone owner who is either tired of the limited carrier choices, or if you’re simply curious about Android, or if you prefer Google’s applications and approach moreso than you do the Steve Jobs way, today’s announcement has to give you immediate pause. Not because it instantly vaporizes the iPhone’s lead, but because of the same reason we all should be watching the creep of the Chrome OS – because it’s not just about now. It’s about next.

Not only did this article hit the nail on the head, it hammered the nail in with one strike. Please hit up the link to louisgray.com and read the rest of the blog post after you’re done reading mine. 🙂

I am in this irritating limbo right now, where I am totally tempted to buy an unlocked Nexus One to play around with, but I know that a) the Apple tablet is coming in March, and b) the next iPhone will probably be announced/go on sale in June or July. Now, if I buy a Nexus One, I wouldn’t be completely migrating away from my iPhone. There are too many cool apps that I’d be leaving behind (a blog entry about them keeps forming in my head, but I haven’t gotten around to posting it yet :-/). I am just “Android-curious” and really want to get to know the platform myself, instead of vicariously through the various blog posts out there.

Damn my budget. >:P Anyone got a loaner??


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