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10 Free Apps Make Sure Droid Still Does

10 Free Apps Make Sure Droid Still Does

I’ve been rocking my Motorola Droid since the first day it was available to the public.  Although it is still a little rough around the edges, the Droid is a different animal from the iPhone and offers an equal amount of impressive and useful features.  This list of ten free apps includes a variety of tools that will help improve your overall Droid experience.  As Android becomes more mainstream, it’s nice to see many new apps being released.  A phone will only be as successful as the apps that are available.  While these apps may also work on other Android handsets, these are must-haves to ensure that you’re taking full advantage of your Droid.

The thing I like about this list of Android apps is that it specifically mentions camera/photo-related apps right from the start. Yes, I know that Android has lots of the usual cadre of apps to handle e-mail, social networks, and the like, but not much is said about camera/photo apps. I use a ton of photo-related apps on my iPhone most of the time, so this is of great interest to me, since I haven’t personally had a chance to check out the Android app store.

If you have any other fun camera/photo apps that you use on your Android device, please let me know.


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