Damn you, Indecision!

Random observation of the day

The quality of tools at your disposal can dictate how well you perform
a task. Case in point: I’ve been wrapping presents and started out
with a really crappy pair of scissors because it happened to be in the
box of gift wrapping paraphernalia I had from last year. Most of the
paper cut with that crappy pair of scissors are more haphazard and a
bit sloppily cut (though the wrapped presents are overall still fairly
neat). I switched to a much nicer, smoother pair of scissors and the
paper for the remaining unwrapped presents is cut much neater, and I’m
enjoying the task more.

Same could go for photography, tasks done at work, etc. I know this is
not a very profound observation, but I still felt like blogging it.
Feel free to use this argument if you’re trying to get some better
tools at work or for home use. “But Honey, I’ll do a much better job
at getting through the fix-it jobs you gave me if I had better
tools!” 🙂


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