Damn you, Indecision!

More on that Asus T91MT

Last night I posted about the Asus T91MT, already tempted by such an inexpensive convertible Tablet PC device.  Well, earlier this morning, a Twitter buddy, Rodfather, just posted a link to an intro video for the Asus device that makes the T91MT even more tempting.  Even though the video is clearly a simulation and doesn’t show how things actually work on the T91MT, I was impressed by two things in the video: 1) it seems that Asus has implemented palm rejection, which I didn’t think they would do in a netbook, and 2) there’s multitouch, and Asus has a kiosk-y UI and built-in apps that seem to make good use of multitouch.  I like this trend of manufacturers putting a “skin” over the device’s OS to make things easier to use, or faster to boot up.  Since the T91MT is going to be a Windows 7 netbook (the first one, IIRC), you will have both the ease of use of the “kiosk OS”, and the power of a full Windows OS (or Linux if you decide to change things up) for when you’re not just browsing or checking e-mail.  Perhaps now I will finally get a netbook of my own.  I’ll be watching the T91MT with great interest!


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