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ASUS delivers Eee PC T91MT to Amazon.com, completes world tour

ASUS delivers Eee PC T91MT to Amazon.com, completes world tour

by Richard Lai

posted Nov 9th 2009 at 1:11AM


It was only two weeks ago when the ASUS T91MT — the first-ever Windows 7 convertible netbook — dropped by Amazon’s German site, and now the Eastern wind from Taiwan has finally reached US soil. Amazon.com buyers are offered pretty much the same configuration as their European counterpart: Intel Atom Z520, 8.9-inch multitouch swivel screen, 1GB RAM and Windows 7 Home Premium. While there’s only one color option available for now, those who’re cool with white will be spoiled with a 32GB SSD — twice as much as the German version yet $200 cheaper. Any students out there going to pick one of these up for some improved note-taking before Christmas exams?

[Thanks, Bernard]

Even though I use a MacBook as my primary machine, I still have a place in my heart for Tablet PCs. I know in the past people have pooh-poohed TPCs for various reasons, one of the major ones being their high price. This ultra-portable one from Asus has a great price. I hope some people (like students) buy these and realize how useful Tablets can be for taking notes, especially if you prefer taking notes on paper. Taking digital notes and having them be searchable can be a boon for students, especially because it’s easy to add sketches, diagrams, and other handwritten items that you can’t easily do when typing up notes on a regular laptop.


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