Damn you, Indecision!

‘Roid Week 2009

Editor’s Note: Hey, I don’t know if Posterous changed how it propagates pictures to other blogs, or if it’s the way I sent the pictures to Posterous in e-mail, but it looks like all of the pictures have propagated over here. Yay! Too bad WordPress doesn’t have a nice gallery mode like Posterous, but I’ll take what I can get. ūüôā

This past week has been "'Roid Week 2009", meaning people were encouraged to shoot and post scans of Polaroid photos to sites like Flickr.  Unfortunately since I was still recovering from my illness, I wasn't able to go out and shoot Polaroids this week.  However, I did finally scan in the photos I took when we were in California back at the end of September, and they're posted on Flickr and Smugmug right now.  I thought I'd post a gallery on Posterous as well.  Hope this works!  NOTE: if you're seeing this post on Late to the Party, the whole gallery of pictures probably didn't propagate over, so go to the Posterous link to see the whole batch.

The first 6 pictures (if the gallery is arranged as I tried to upload them) were taken at sunset at Half Moon Bay State Beach.  The next four pictures were taken in Japan Town in San Francisco.  And the last 3 pictures were taken at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View.  All three venues were awesome, and we're definitely going to visit them again once we've moved out to CA.


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