Damn you, Indecision!

Hey, All. Getting back into the swing of things…

Hey, Kids.

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I was totally waylaid by the
flu or something earlier last month and am still recovering. For about
a week I had flu-like symptoms, and then the following week I got a
nasty cough that basically prevented me from getting any real amount
of sleep for several days. Only very recently have I been able to
sleep a significant amount through the night.

All of this illness totally sapped all my energy and made me feel
apathetic towards doing much of anything. My iPhone was the only thing
keeping me occupied during this time, as I wasn’t interested at all in
setting up my laptop, even though it’s a trivial thing to open the lid
and set it on one’s lap.

Even now I’m still slowly getting back into the swing of things, but
not totally feeling up to doing things like editing and/or scanning
pictures from our recent CA trip, or catching up on my oft-neglected
RSS feeds. So far following Twitter and FriendFeed have been as much
as I’ve worked up to the past few days. I’ve done some chores around
the house, but even light stuff like laundry and loading up the
dishwasher tire me out (more than usual!) more than I anticipate.

So please bear with me… Still working on getting better here. If
anyone has any Android 2.0 devices they can spare for a week or two,
I’d love to intersperse my recovery with some gadget reviewing. 😀
(Well, it was worth a shot…)


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