Damn you, Indecision!

Kindle, you disappoint me

[Editor’s note: here’s another ink blog experiment. I used Windows Journal as normal and clipped it with the snipping tool, but this time instead of saving a jpeg or tiff to e-mail separately, I’m sending it via e-mail directly from the snipping tool. The e-mail I’m composing has a .htm as an attachment which is basically a picture of my ink post, so we’ll see how Posterous handles it this time.]

[Editor’s note #2: GAH, it didn’t work. Adding in the ink post graphic manually…]


 Well, I guess technically I’m disappointed in Amazon for not having a desktop client for reading Kindle books. My M200 would be a great e-book reader in slate mode, even though it’s bulky & doesn’t have the best battery life. The huge screen on the M200 (relative to the Kindle 2 & DX) would satisfy my urger to get the Kindle DX since at the moment I rely on the iPhone Kindle app if I want to read on the go. The M200 (or even an HP TC1100, if I ever get one) would be fine tethered to a power strip for a reading session. I’m not sure why there isn’t a desktop client. If it’s to thwart piracy, then that’s just lame sauce. Even Sony (“we love DRM”) has a way to read e-books via the management software…not ideal, but it exists. Amazon, fix this!

Created with Microsoft Snipping Tool — only on Windows XP Tablet PC Edition!


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