Damn you, Indecision!

Messy fonts, Safari 4, and Snow Leopard

I recently upgraded to Snow Leopard.  Since then, I've decided to use Safari 4 as my main browser to see how long I can go before needing to install Firefox or some other browser. 🙂  Well, I noticed that my fonts looked all jaggy and messed up when I browsed most sites in Safari.  At first I thought it was because I turned off the font smoothing option in System Preferences, but turning it back on didn't fix the problem.  So finally I decided to try to track down a solution by Googling, "fonts look bad in Safari 4".  I stumbled upon a thread in the Apple support forums of a different font problem, where supposedly fonts in a block marked with the <code> </code> HTML tags weren't being rendered properly.  Some people mentioned that in Font Book there's a duplicate Courier font that looked messy in the preview window that when deleted solved the issue.  When I checked the Font Book, the Courier font didn't look messed up in the preview window, but I disabled it anyway, and that seemed to fix all of the funky fonts in Safari.


So if after upgrading to Snow Leopard, you have any kind of strange font issues with Safari (or elsewhere?), try checking out the Font Book and disable the Courier font family (not Courier New).  It just might solve your problems.

P.S. If it doesn't fix your problem, please don't e-mail me or comment here asking for other solutions…  I don't know!


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