Damn you, Indecision!


You know those little cocktail sausages that people prepare for parties and potlucks at work? So-called “little smokies”? Did you know that there are hot dogs by Oscar Mayer called “Smokies” that are the full-sized version of the party food?

(picture taken from Google Images)
I found a pack of these at a Korean grocery store that we usually get our sashimi from. I don’t recall seeing these at any of the regular supermarkets we’ve been to, but it’s possible I just overlooked them.
Anyway, even though these things aren’t good for you (calories from fat are too much, and the sodium content is ridiculous), just thought I’d post in case people wanted to try them. **shrug** 🙂 They are pretty tasty compared to a regular store-bought hot dog. Just don’t eat them that often!


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