Damn you, Indecision!

I hate Citi Cards

GRRRRRRRRR.  When are credit card companies going to truly be held accountable for the kind of shady practices they do?

I just got off the phone with Citi cards because late last night I noticed a charge for this stupid “credit protector” program that I thought I’d canceled.  I never wanted to sign up for it in the first place, but when I had first activated my card, some customer service rep forced it on me.  So I canceled (or so I thought) the program either the same day I got the plan materials which Citi insisted get snail-mailed to me, or the next day.  And whomever I talked to led me to believe that I had successfully canceled out of the plan, after he/she (don’t remember) spouted a whole bunch of retention BS to get me to reconsider.  Before I did a balance transfer onto the card, I called customer service (this was a month or so ago) to verify that I WAS NOT enrolled in the program because the fees are $.85 per $100 of balance.  That customer rep claimed that I was not enrolled in the program, but tried to send me crap in the mail about it again!  I emphatically told her a few times I did not want the materials mailed to me, nor do I want to be enrolled in the plan.  She finally relented.  Later, I made the balance transfer.  (I know all of this balance transfer stuff is bad news, but whatever.) 

Fast forward to last night when I saw the fee assessed.  Well, I was about to bite someone’s head off, but since it was so late, I waited to call until this morning.  It started out innocently.  The customer rep who answered said she couldn’t process the cancelation, but gave me a number for the credit protector jockeys before she transferred my call, just in case she accidentally messed up the transfer, nice of her to do.  The second rep I talked to, because I called the program “payment protector” instead of “credit protector”, decided to transfer me back to a normal customer rep since there were questions about which programs I was enrolled in.  Well, customer rep #3 was a bit bewildered by what I relayed about what #2 said, because #2 told me there actually was a “payment protector” plan and it was different from the “credit protector” plan.  #3 told me there was NO “payment protector” plan and proceeded to give me the schpiel about what the “credit protector” plan was (as if I hadn’t already heard this crap 10 million times before!).  So after he realized that I’m trying to cancel the “credit protector” plan and get a refund for the stupid fee they charged, he transferred me back to a credit protector rep (but at least was apologetic about that). 

Rep #4 asked, after having me confirm my name, address, and phone number for the 4th time, what I didn’t like about the credit protector plan.  I said that I never wanted it to begin with and canceled it the day I got the plan materials in the mail.  He said that he saw no record of me contacting anyone to cancel the credit protector plan.  I told him that while I have no way of proving it since I never got any kind of confirmation number, I called to cancel the plan the day I got the materials in the mail.  He claimed (which I think now is complete BS) that perhaps the cancelation was not processed because I called within the first 7 days of being enrolled, and Citi could not process any cancelations within the first 7 days.  I countered that the rep I talked to months ago led me to believe that I had successfully canceled the plan enrollment.  So who’s lying here, #4 or the other customer rep who claimed he/she had canceled the plan for me? 

Anyway, I pushed and said that I don’t want the plan, please cancel it, and I’d appreciate it if I could get a refund for the fee that was assessed.  He then launched into a schpiel about how Citi would “owe me money” if anyone in my household had some certain “life events”.  I said nothing like that had happened.  Then he pushed this other protector plan that has lower rates.  I listened to all of his scripts — delivered in an unpolished, jerky manner, BTW — because I figured he’s just doing his job, and he might be more inclined to process my refund.  Who knows if this will turn out to work in my favor? 

What really pissed me off (even more), was that when he pushed this other protector plan, his script lines claimed that I can get a 30-day free trial where I receive the materials in the mail, and if any time during the 30 days I am not satisfied, I can call and get my money back for any fees that are charged.  Does this sound familiar at all?  Oh, really, I can call AT ANY TIME DURING THE 30 DAYS to cancel?  Even within the first 7 days after receiving the plan materials, which #4 claimed was some kind of blackout period during which I couldn’t cancel the plan?  Well, I basically said that this was what happened with the first protector plan, and what did it get me (not in so many words)?  A lot of grief trying to cancel something I thought was already canceled, that’s what!  After my mini-rant, which was still pretty civil I might add, he FINALLY mumbled through his line to say that he would be processing my cancelation, and I should have a nice day.  I interrupted him before he was about to hang up to ask if I was going to get a refund at all, or if the money was lost to me.  He blathered something about how I’ll either get the fee credited to my account in 10 business days, or get a letter in the mail in 30 days (to tell me they’re not refunding the fee?).  At that point I just coldly said, “Okay, thanks,” and hung up.  We’ll see if any of this takes, or if I’m going to have to friggin’ call Citi again.

I know I’m not supposed to have a balance on my credit card(s), and yadda, yadda, yadda, but geeze, isn’t it enough that credit card companies already have outrageous finance charges and interest rates, especially if you happen to pay late (which apparently they “help” you do sometimes, by shifting your due date around without you knowing), even by one day?  I can’t imagine that creditors are doing so badly that they have to push these stupid “protector plans” on you and sneak in other charges like this, causing people to have to waste time calling, sitting through the seemingly endless barrage of “but wait, here’s an alternative plan for you” scripts, until the rep finally processes the cancelation.  This is just greedy, malicious, and fraudulent to claim that a cancelation was processed when it wasn’t.  I had heard bad things about Citi, but only now do I fully believe the “rumors”.  And the sad thing is, aside from smaller credit unions, and niche creditors, like those for military families, NONE of the major creditors are really good.  They all push this same crap.  So really, I basically hate all major credit card companies, not just Citi.  I just wanted to call Citi out specifically for this stupendously awful crap I just had to deal with. >:P


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  1. I hate citi

    I seriously would be OK with every single part of citi cards being flushed down a big, dirty, shit toilet. Even the low level workers. I couldn’t work a company that is so down right awful to their customers. Every call is a battle with your money in between. I wish i was given a free shot at punching every citi employeee, manager and stock holder in the face.

    September 9, 2009 at 3:33 pm

  2. X

    I use to work at citi cards as a crt also known as a manager and I was one of the most straight up mangers who did not sugar coat anything and did not bs the customer because I felt it was wrong to do so and now I got fired for doing so , so let me give you the info the real reason citi is cancelling all your gas cards is if your credit score is below 700 and the change in terms at higher rate is targeting customers it targets the customer citi no longer wants thats why the change is dramatic so you will reject it and they will close the account. So don’t feed into the bs about the economy that is sugar coated now you can escalte the call to an exteme they will always transfer you to up of the food chain….

    October 19, 2009 at 4:56 pm

  3. tgimacb

    Thanks to the posters
    AMEX “account protector” is the topic
    Same $.085 per $100 insurance coverage for life events
    Although the CSR and the Supervisor both deny their employer or the program is insurance, regulated by a state or federal insurance board or agency.
    Go deeper and the “insurer” is [Underwritten by Caribbean American Life Assurance Company and Caribbean American Property Insurance Co. (Assurant Solutions), Administrative Office, 273 Ponce de Leon Ave, Scotiabank Plaza, 13th Fl., San Juan, PR. PO Box 195167, San Juan, PR 00919-5167. For additional information on terms and conditions call 1-800-981-8888]
    A province, no doubt, but not subject to regulation as you would expect. Clever.
    Several times, I’d call to cancel this BS and get the scripted oh, but wait chicanery and exhaust at the persistant but you’ll be sorry replies.
    It’s like paying Guido for “protection”
    So a life event actually arises, and…?
    They’ve taken the ‘claim’ and they will be mailing a form to complete in 10 days; there is a 30 day waiting period, and the returned mail will be reviewed by a department (shhhhh…. it doesn’t have a name, or a contact)
    The benefit? They will gladly pay the minimum payment for UP TO 24 MONTHS!!
    Given you are automatically charged $.085/$100 and you must make only the minimum payment your net decrease is probably less then $25
    BEWARE – this is a cash cow for its benefactor
    You would fare much better to pay the minimum yourself!
    With the gleeful unidentified department paying the minimum for you, after even a few monthly auto payments to your outstanding balance, you will not benefit!
    Woe to you who will complain. There is no complaint department in the departments you speak with.
    Woe greater is you who will file a complaint with the FTC – that is a black hole.
    Think there is somehow justice? Integrity? Fairness?
    Think again.

    January 6, 2010 at 2:32 pm


    I really HATE citi too!! They’ve been awful with customer service to me for the past few years. I asked them why they haven’t sent me a new card since it was going to be expired soon and they just tell me that apparently I agreed to that terms and to just apply for a new card. They REALLY REALLY don’t know how to keep their customers. I have much more stories, but it’s too long to list here. I just applied to Chase Freedom. Starting something new and better. I HATE CITI!!

    May 31, 2010 at 2:20 pm

  5. Ernie Wood

    I hate citi card also !!!They are scum money suckers. I have two credit cards , Home equity ,Mortgage with them . They sent me two new cards stating there was suspicious activity . Well on the card that they closed had 0% interest rate until Nov 2011 .They have been charging my two new credit cards 18% on one and 19.99 % on the with the transfer. I have never missed a payment they waited until the one with the highest rate 19.99 % to change the card. Just recently I see these charges on my cit card totaling over $800.00 . I called them and they stated that I ordered the credit protector program. I never received any paper work about this program. They told me they have me taped excepting this program. I need to call this ## to hear me excepting this program. They said I never canceled it before 30 day. well they told me it was ordered by me on Aug 20 ,2011 they charged the card just 5 days after. I called the OCC and this is what we need to do flood them with all these things that are doing. Has anyone got any advise ?

    June 16, 2011 at 8:14 pm

  6. Ernie Wood

    I forgot the transfer was $9000 to pay higher interest cards off. So 0% until 2011 and 85 per 100 for credit protector they are evil people. I ‘m moving to a credit union with all of citi accountsd !!

    June 16, 2011 at 8:18 pm

  7. wilma cade

    I agree that citi is a host. I attempt to make a payment by phone. The representative continued to put me on hold. Another person would cut in on my attempts to make a payment by phone. I am sure that the representative wanted to assist so that they could charge me the 14.95 fee and possible a late fee of 35.00 if my payment is late. I continued to say ( atleast) 4 different times, during one phone call that I only wanted to make a payment. I did not need assistants from a person. I was sent to another person each time. Get real and provide quality service to your customers please and stop the representative rip off.

    November 20, 2011 at 11:14 pm

  8. Maegan

    They lowered my credit limit out of absolutley NOWHERE

    May 8, 2012 at 9:22 pm

  9. Sue

    I just got off the phone with Citi and I hate them. We couldn’t make the payment on time, one month. I expected to catch up the next month, not realizing they would add on a bunch of fees that would make that impossible (I was just expecting a $35 late fee–I don’t know what they added on, but it was a lot more than that). So I called because I’d heard that credit card companies would work with you if you had a good record of paying on time, which we did. We were not even thirty days late yet when I called. After talking to several people who were hard to understand, I finally let them set up something where they would take larger-than-usual payments out of our bank account for three months to “catch up.” After those three months, we were still getting phone calls from them about being “late” and our next scheduled payment was much larger than it used to be. That one initial late payment will result in us paying $250 extra over four months, plus a trashed credit report because they’ve been reporting us late during the three-month plan they set up (which no one at Citi bothered to mention). Nobody I talked to wanted to take responsibility–they just kept saying “just give us a call if you have any problems.” At one point, I said, in total confusion, “But I’m calling NOW, why do I have to call again?” A late fee would be $35, I assume, so if we were late with one payment, why on earth does that translate to $250 in fees and three to four months of “late” payments on our credit report?

    December 27, 2014 at 4:57 pm

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