Damn you, Indecision!

Bollywood Hero flash mob: good viral marketing

As I was browsing my Twitter backlog I saw this tweet from Steve Isaacs:

“I’m totally gonna watch the Bollywood Hero mini-series on IFC because of that awesome Times Square stunt. #nyc #win”

Then I scrolled down more and saw what he was talking about:

“This RULES! Indian dance flash mob in Times Square for Chris Kattan’s “Bollywood Hero” on IFC: http://bit.ly/ZnAN3 #nyc”

Great video!  And like he said, now I’m interested in watching the show, simply due to this one short video.  Good on you, IFC.  You guys know how to take advantage of viral marketing in the way it was intended.  Now hopefully Bollywood Hero is as entertaining as this video is.


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