Damn you, Indecision!

Wow. Just wow.

Finally got to see “Epitaph One”, the last episode of Dollhouse season
one that wasn’t aired. A. Maze. Ing. If you are a fan of the show, but
haven’t seen this episode yet, I highly recommend buying the DVDs or
Blu-Ray set (yes, please buy it so Fox knows people like this show!)
ASAP. And if you aren’t a fan of the show, please consider watching
season one.

 It had a rocky start thanks to Fox; the first five or six episodes
were standalone, “pilots” to ease people into the show. For Pete’s
sake, Fox, would you give audiences more credit?? Anyway, after those
episodes, the show really got into the groove and started setting up
the mythology of the Dollhouse. It is a great show that almost didn’t
get a second season. I hope that by the end of next season, there will
be enough viewers that the show won’t be on the bubble again. It
didn’t deserve to be on the bubble at the end of last season! So tell
your friends and buy up the DVDs and Blu-Rays for all your gift-giving
needs. Your friends will thank you, if they’re not dorks. 😛


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