Damn you, Indecision!

Scrobbl for iPhone

Thank goodness, a working scrobbler for iPhone 3.0 (requires jailbreak of course).
For a long while, I think since iPhone 2.0, the jailbreak app to scrobble tracks played on an iPhone to last.fm didn’t work properly. The original one I used didn’t work at all under 2.0, and the clone that came out scrobbled many dupes of tracks I listened to. I think it was because I listened to long podcasts over the course of several sessions. My theory was that everytime I paused the track and did something else, it would scrobble the track, even if it had already been scrobbled. So once in a while I’d have to log in at last.fm and delete the dupes.
I’ve checked last.fm since installing the new Scrobbl app and it seems to be working fine with no dupes. We’ll see if it keeps it up. Glad to be scrobbling again, even if most of what I listen to on my iPhone is podcasts, not music.


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