Damn you, Indecision!

No, I mean tonight, in the building. Suddenly. Into our lives.

For the first time ever, every week/weekend in the month of May features a new movie that the hubby and I want to see. The movie industry is getting plenty of money from us this month. This week brings Terminator Salvation, yeah!

Anyway, last weekend the hubby and I watched Angels and Demons. It was alright. We probably could’ve taken last weekend off and waited to rent the movie. It wasn’t really necessary to see it on the big screen. At least we were able to see it during the afternoon at matinee prices.

Ross and Paolo

Getting to the point of this blog post, we saw that one of the characters in the movie was played by Cosimo Fusco, the actor who played Paolo on Friends, one of my favoritest TV shows ever. When we saw him on screen, I whispered to the hubby, “he’s a huge CRAPWEASEL!”, a famous quote from the show, paraphrased. 😀 BTW, if you want to see the scene where Ross tells Paolo this, pull up this video and go to minute 4:45. 🙂 Well, when I checked out IMDB for Angels and Demons to see the rest of the cast list (I do this a lot), I happened to notice a very funny Friends-related discussion thread on Cosimo Fusco’s IMDB page. Since it requires registration to view it, I took the liberty of screencapping the thread for your viewing pleasure:

Bwahahahaha! 😀 It’s not really fair to the actor to only be known to the majority of American audiences as “Paolo” on Friends or as a crap weasel, but the IMDB thread is still frickin’ funny. **sheepish grin**


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