Damn you, Indecision!

Will work for money

Hi, Kids.

Long time no blog. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to “properly” blog this, but I got laid off a few weeks ago (3? 4?), and am now searching for a new job. It’s really frustrating because a) there aren’t a whole lot of jobs in the Chicago area for C++ developers, and b) I’d like to move beyond software engineering, but my skill set doesn’t seem diverse enough (or at least I don’t have enough experience in areas beyond software engineering) to qualify for other jobs, or so the listings would have me believe.

Ideally I’d love to have a job where I work from home. I probably wouldn’t mind doing a C++ programming job (or similar…if you know object-oriented programming, how hard is it to learn others?) if it were in an area beyond telecommunications, which is what I’ve been doing since graduating in Dec. 1999. If it were a job where I could do some writing of a tech journalism bent, that would be even better. It seems, however, that these job requirements of mine are not the norm. Also, it’s hard for me to fully express my frustration with the situation without perhaps saying some things that would give future employers pause, should they find my blog during a routine Google search. So I guess I won’t make this blog post too long.

If you read this and happen to know of programming opportunities in the Chicago area for someone like me, or maybe another job that sounds like what I described above, I would be eternally grateful for the leads.

In the meantime, I might try blogging more regularly to help give me a regular thing to do while my job search is going on, to help focus my schedule instead of seeming like an endless weekend to me, as it has over the past few weeks. It has been nice not to have to worry about work deadlines, but going from working for over 8 years (over two different jobs) to not working is still quite an adjustment.


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  1. Layoffs are awful things. I got laid off from my dream job in 2001 during the dot-bomb. Took me longer than it should have to recover.

    One thing I learned from the experience is that it’s good to temp when you’re searching for something new. I picked up a lot of little bits of knowledge working in different office environments, and it’s a good, easy way to make connections. Aside from getting to know the one business where you’re assigned, if you really hustle, you can get your resume to neighboring businesses during your lunch break.

    I was also getting into mobile computing at the same time. Most of my ink blog posts for the first two years were written from “the field,” so it’s certainly possible to increase your blogging while also temping and searching for permanent work. If anything, I felt it gave me more to blog about.

    But again, that was my experience. YMMV. Still, I regret not giving the temp route serious thought earlier on, and it did ultimately lead me to my current, rock-solid and terrific job. Oh, if you do try temping, make sure you make a really good impression on your first assignment. The agency will be more eager to use you after that and assign you to their more important clients.

    May 1, 2009 at 8:55 am

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