Damn you, Indecision!

How about making movies worth buying, hmmmm?

I don’t have the energy to work up a froth over the latest dumb move by the movie studios. I’ll just quote a bit of the article from Variety:

“Could first- and second-class DVDs help increase sales?

That’s the hope of 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, which has told its accounts that it plans to launch a DVD program that creates two classes of discs. One is a premium retail version that contains added-values such as digital copy; the second is a stripped-down version for rentals.”

Why do I still get amazed by all of this anti-consumer behavior? It’s not like it’s new. Psh. I hate the move because it just sidesteps the fact that movie studios aren’t producing good enough movies that make people want to buy them. Well, of course, there’s also the economy factor, but don’t I think punishing people who rent movies is the answer. I hope that if Fox does go through with this, “rentailers” will just go out and buy the full versions and rent them out instead of the stripped versions as suggested later on the in the article. But we’ll see what happens.


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