Damn you, Indecision!

They just don’t get it…

In yet another display of “not getting it,” TV networks which provide content for Hulu strong-armed Hulu into dropping out of Boxee’s line up. Hey network execs, you guys are complete morons. >:-|

One of the main draws for me to use Boxee on my AppleTV is for piping shows on Hulu to my big screen with little effort. How is this a bad thing for the broadcast channels? I still see the ads on Hulu, so what’s the big deal? Because of Hulu’s stupid “wait period” for some shows, I still buy TV episodes on iTunes from time to time. I did that just recently for the latest episode of Damages. I also bought the latest episode of Battlestar Galactica on iTunes not because it was delayed in being released on Hulu, but because I like the HD quality of the iTunes download.

I’m actually more surprised that Boxee’s other more questionable features (awesome for TV-watchers, not so awesome for the networks) weren’t attacked. I shall not spell aforementioned features out, so as to help keep them alive and well…Google is your friend.

Anyway, I’m not going to dump Boxee, nor will I dump Hulu. I can still use Boxee for its other features, and if I have to, I can run Hulu on my Mac mini (though it’s long in the tooth and can’t run HD content…phooey). They’re both great products/services. It is shameful how the TV networks are penalizing Hulu and Boxee. The networks are just grasping at straws, trying to prevent the inevitable. More and more people are watching TV shows online and there’s nothing the networks can do about it. And it’s not like this is the beginning of the exodus. This has been happening for quite a long time, so they shouldn’t be surprised that people are taking to watching TV shows online. Hey, network execs push us further and we might just stop watching your shows altogether. You already had a close call with the writers’ strike, or did you already forget?


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