Damn you, Indecision!

Eggs, Toast, and Bacon

Eggs, Toast, and Bacon

Underneath the yummy melted cheddar is eggs baked into the middle of the bread. I used this recipe as my guideline:


I cut out the middles of the pieces of bread with a glass (I don’t have cookie cutters), then I sprayed the bread frames with a bit of Pam cooking spray. After placing the bread on the foil-lined cookie sheet, I broke an egg into each piece of bread. I sprinkled some garlic pepper seasoning mix over the eggs (the mix has a bit of salt along with other spices). Then I laid out 3 pieces of bacon around the edges of the cookie sheet, with one piece cut in half, to fit on the shorter edges of the cookie sheet. The whole thing baked in a 350-deg F oven.

At the 6-minute mark, I took out the cookie sheet to flip the pieces of bacon. 4 more minutes in the oven, then I transferred the bacon to a plate. I sprinkled some shredded cheddar on top of the eggs, turned off the oven, and put the cookie sheet back in for a minute and a half (I have a timer that can be set with minutes and seconds) to melt the cheese. And then it was all done!

Very easy to do, since everything bakes on one tray, and I could tend to other things while waiting for the food to cook. The toast turned out the right amount of soft in the middle and crispy on the edges (thanks to the cooking spray), and the eggs were just a tad bit underdone, enough that I could sop up a bit of the yolk with the bits of bread that didn’t have egg or cheese on them already. The bacon always turns out perfectly when baked this way. Ever since I read about how to cook bacon in the oven, I’ve been using this method. The only thing that I’d change next time — and yes, I’m going to make this again — is to cook the eggs a little less. I am a sunny-side-up fan. Maybe only cook the egg toasts for 7 or 8 minutes, and let the bacon finish up after the toasts are taken out. Otherwise, this was a great, filling meal. Mmmmm! 🙂


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