Damn you, Indecision!

This really sucks.

Editor’s Note: I feel extremely sad that Motorola keeps digging itself into a hole like this. It’s so disheartening that the company from which cell phones originated is failing so miserably in the cell phone market. When I first heard about the rumors that the handset division was going to be spun off into a separate company, it really angered me that they were considering doing so (supposedly). Regardless, read on for the text translation of the ink blog above:


I don’t want to talk about this too much because it gets me too riled up. I used to work at Motorola, but not in the cell phone division. I was excited by the arrival of the RAZR, but after a while it was clear Mot was all too willing to milk the cash cow for as long as it could, instead of creating an exciting, brand-new product. 😡 Anyway, read this letter that Engadget has posted. It’s from a company insider. It echoes my feelings completely.


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