Damn you, Indecision!

PS3 Gripe #1

Editor’s Note: I wrote this ink blog post on my iMac in the Inkwell drawing pad, then took a screenshot of it with Skitch. I *wish* I could find an app on the Mac that had the sampling rate of the Inkwell drawing or writing pads. It produces the most natural handwriting output so far on the Mac. The problem is that I can’t erase mistakes I make on the drawing pad (what is up with that? As if you’d never make mistakes when doing a quick sketch??), so it makes anything longer than a sentence or two rather challenging to write without making a big mess. 😛

ink blog post

GRRRR! Why can’t the PS3 actually download games or whatever in the background while I’m watching a DVD/Blu-Ray disc? _SO ANNOYING_.


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