Damn you, Indecision!

Can of Whoop Ass

Can of Whoop Ass

During our road trip out to Detroit on one of our stops at a gas station I saw that they actually had these Jones Soda cans of Whoop Ass. I was so excited to find it since it had been many years since I had one. It’s their energy drink with the awesome name. I bought a couple. 🙂 I meant to take a pic of one of the cans while we were still on our trip, as part of the travel moblog I was “maintaining”, but didn’t get around to it until just now.

For anyone interested in the taste, to me it tastes a lot like those Flintstones kid vitamins I used to take when I was little. I don’t know if they make those anymore, but I loved them as a kid. 🙂 But as a flavor to an energy drink? Well, it’s not the best drink flavor ever, but it’s a lot more tolerable to me than most energy drinks. 😛


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