Damn you, Indecision!

Geeze, How Long Has It Been?

Hi, Kids!

How were your holidays?  What fun gadgets or other nifty gifties did you all get? 🙂

Sorry about the huge gap in blogging.  I was slowly withdrawing from reading feeds & doing much of anything else online other than reading & posting on Jaiku, Twitter, & Pownce (mostly Jaiku).  And over the holidays I got rather sick, which really sidelined me for a while.  Anyway, enough excuses.  I can’t promise that I’ll be more prolific in the coming days, weeks, or months, but I’ll try my best!

In other news, I’m excited for tomorrow’s MacWorld keynote.  Rumors about a tablet-style Mac have been running rampant again this year, but I think the ModBook will be the only tablet Mac for a while.  There will probably be an ultra-portable MacBook.  I hope it’s not called “MacBook Air” as the rumors claim. 😛  What I’d really like is direct WiFi downloading of podcasts to the iPhone/iPod touch.  Yes, I can already do this via a 3rd-party hack, but native support would be nicer.  That’s really all I care to predict at the moment.  I’d love it if Apple would release an iPhone-like tablet with a 5″ or 7″ screen and decent amount of flash storage, but it won’t happen this year.  Maybe next year.  Whatever is announced, I know that tomorrow is going to be unproductive while the keynote is happening. 🙂

The other even that I’m looking forward to this weekend is the Detroit auto show!  The hubby & I have gone every year for at least the past 4 years (IIRC).  It’s a nice weekend road trip to take after the holidays.  I’ll talk more about what gear I’m bringing later.  Right now I really need to get to bed!

P.S.  I really hate touchscreen inking… *sigh*

* 10 points to the first commenter to tell me where “nifty gifties” comes from. 🙂


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