Damn you, Indecision!

It had to happen sooner or later…

I went to SimpleWeather a minute ago and noticed that they had a new logo.  Then I saw the following and it all made sense:

What was once a very simple, ad-free page, now is a simple page with a sidebar ad. **sigh**  Oh well, it still loaded pretty fast.  I guess I’ve been going to Accuweather more often anyway, since its forecasts seem a bit more accurate than those on SimpleWeather.

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3 responses

  1. Hi Jezlyn,

    I am sad to hear you won’t be visiting our site anymore. Please know that we hate ads as much as any normal person does. We believe our new design incorporates the single ad we do use quite nicely, and we tightly control the content to ensure it’s not total crap. The other day I got a great deal from Delta thanks to an ad I saw on the site.

    Also, it costs money to run a business and we pay CustomWeather a sizable amount of money each month to operate. Thus, we needed the ad to stay in business. I really hope you’ll come back to us and in time, see that we offer the best possible weather experience to you.


    October 2, 2007 at 11:00 am

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Vince. I actually still visit Simple Weather sometimes. I didn’t start going to Accuweather because you put an ad on your site (Accuweather’s page is much busier and has more ads, which isn’t ideal). I mainly go there because they have additional links to more detailed and descriptive forecast info. I also sometimes watch their forecast videos. And it seemed like their weather information was more accurate, when I compared temperatures and conditions from the two websites with what actually occurred during the day.

    If I could make a request that if implemented would make me visit Simple Weather more, it would be to make the little graphic for the day clickable to get to a page with a text description of the day’s forecast. Sometimes I just want a bit more information than what the icons provide.

    October 4, 2007 at 9:46 pm

  3. As a clarification to my comment, I do go to Accuweather on my desktop computer, but it is really the iPhone/iPod touch version of Weather Underground (i.wund.com) that I bookmarked on my iPod touch that has the text forecast info that I was talking about, not Accuweather. i.wund.com has a great simple look, but still has enough extra detail that I find is a bit lacking on Simple Weather.

    October 4, 2007 at 10:10 pm

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