Damn you, Indecision!

Okay, T-Mobile, what are you trying to pull here?

I’ve read in a couple places now that T-Mobile decided to lower the price of their Total Internet Add-on plan by $10, presumably to be more competitive with AT&T.  I figured that the price difference would automatically apply to my data plan, so I didn’t worry about it.  I saw yet another story about the data plan on jkOnTheRun and decided to check to see whether T-Mobile had applied the discount to my account yet.  Here’s what I saw:

Considering that I’ve heard so many good things about T-Mobile’s customer service, I’m wondering what kind of service level I’m “enjoying” right now. 😛  I’m going to investigate what the difference is, if any, between the $30 and $20 plans and make my choice accordingly.  I’ve been pretty happy with the data service so far, despite it not being as fast as 3G, so I don’t want to dump the data plan altogether.  But I was just so surprised at this foolishness on T-Mobile’s site that I had to vent.  I haven’t even set up the WiFi hotspot login information for my data plan, so I’m not even using it to its fullest yet.

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