Damn you, Indecision!

I’m happy to be wrong

Yesterday I said that Apple was going to come out with an iPod with touchscreen similar to the iPhone, but that if it had WiFi, they wouldn’t allow you to surf over it.  Well, I’m completely wrong.  Today they announced the iPod touch, which is essentially an iPhone without the phone part that many people were clamoring for.  I actually can’t believe that Apple did it.  They’re not known to make devices that people ask for, rather they make a device and make you want it. 🙂  I thought they would limit WiFi usage somehow so that the iPhone is still their “high-end” offering.  Perhaps they know that they’d get a lot more sales of an   iPhone-like device without the phone, and are using the touch to make up for a slow down in iPhone sales?  Or they’re just making sure all bases are covered by offering the iPod touch to users (like me) who really didn’t want to move over to AT&T?  Whatever the reason, I’m very glad they made the iPod touch.  In fact, I pre-ordered the iPod touch today.  This is the first time I ordered a device online on the day of the announcement. 🙂

If you’re not as interested in the iPod touch, the rest of the iPod line got a nice refresh/update.  The “regular” iPods are now called iPod classics.  They got a bump in capacity up to 160GB, which is awesome.  They also have a new metal casing, which I think looks pretty sleek. 

The rumor of the “fat” iPod nanos turned out to be true!  Luckily the devices do not look ugly.  They have a bigger screen, video and game capabilities, and they have an upgraded UI like the iPod classic does.  It seems both iPod classic and nano are running the normal iPod OS, but with different menus/display modes, while the iPod touch is running OS X.  Don’t quote me on that, though.  The nanos are also amazingly thin.  I am a little wary about how fragile they could be in a pocket. 😛

The shuffles are essentially the same, but there are 5 new colors.  And one of them is purple! 🙂  Purple is my favorite color, for those of you who don’t know.  There aren’t many purple gadgets out there, so I may pick up a purple shuffle just because. 🙂  Oh yeah, there’s also a Product(RED) edition of the shuffle and the nano.

All in all, a very nice line up of new iPods for the holiday season.  But wait, how could I forget — there’s a version of the iTunes store for the iPod touch and iPhone that will allow you to download tracks directly to the device over WiFi.  What a great way to make use of the WiFi!  It really plays on the impulse buy thing, which can be bad for your wallet, but good for Apple. 🙂  The jury is still out on whether or not you can access podcasts via the WiFi iTunes store and download them directly to your iPod…  I’m guessing that for the moment, that’s not an option.  I hope that it will be in the near future, though.  That would make the iPod touch pretty near complete for me (if it had external speakers, more PDA-like apps, and a BT connection for an external keyboard, it would be complete 🙂 ).  Wireless, direct podcast downloads is what I like best about my Nokia N95, but its music player lacks bookmarking, and its interface is sparse/basic. 

It’ll be interesting to see whether the iPod touch and iPhone will get 3rd-party apps.  If they do, they could be very close to becoming the Newton’s successors.  As it stands, it looks like the iPod touch will have basic calendar and contact syncing.  Combined with Gmail and Google Docs, the iPod touch could be a decent PDA-like device, or multimedia computer to compete with devices like the N95.

So now we have Leopard to look forward to sometime in October (hopefully), and perhaps around that same time, some MacBook or MacBook Pro refreshes will also be available.  Still holding out for my ultra-portable MacBook with the 10″ screen…  Very fun stuff for Apple enthusiasts. 🙂

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