Damn you, Indecision!

Hi, Guys and Gals…

Editor’s Note: I swear I didn’t read Dave Winer’s post about what he thinks the new iPods should be like before I first posted this, but it seems we agree. 🙂 I forgot to mention that one of the rumors was that the new iPods would support digital radio. Since I bought an iPod and other media players so that I didn’t have to listen to lame radio, digital or otherwise, I could care less whether or not they had radio built-in. I never used the radio feature on any of my non-iPod players. I know some people like to have the option, but not me.


Sorry for the lack of blogging. No good excuses here, so I won’t try to give any. 🙂

This post is coming to you from my N95, my new Think Outside Stowaway Universal Bluetooth keyboard, and m.wordpress.com. I’ve been loving my N95 a lot, and hopefully sometime soon I will do a write up for how I use it, what accessories I have or need to buy yet, what apps I use, etc.

I’ve been enjoying doing more photography, as evidenced by the heavier emphasis on photo posts on the blog, from both film scans and the N95’s awesome camera. Hopefully soon I’ll get back into posting about techie stuff as well.

As many of you know, tomorrow Apple is having a special event, likely to announce new iPods. I’m looking forward to seeing what the next generation of iPods will look like. It’s likely that they’ll be running OS X like the iPhone does. And many are hoping (as am I) that the new iPods will be a lot like an iPhone without the phone functionality. However, I kind of doubt that if the next-gen iPod has WiFi (which it should), that you’ll be able to surf on the iPod as you can with an iPhone. I think that if there’s WiFi, it’ll be limited to syncing and/or possibly buying tracks directly from iTunes without a computer. I would like to be wrong with that prediction, but I think that they’ll leave the surfing capabilities as something specific to the iPhone, so that they differentiate it from the next-gen iPod. Otherwise, I can see the new iPods eating into sales of the iPhone.

As I’ve been saying on Jaiku and Pownce, I would absolutely buy a new iPod without hesitation if I could download podcasts directly to the device over WiFi. I do that currently with my N95, but its built-in music player lacks bookmarking, so it isn’t “perfect” yet. I liked the way the iPod/iTunes combo worked so well for podcast downloading/syncing/listening. But being able to download episodes without having to sync with a PC would be very cool. If they don’t want to give us that functionality, then I would like wireless syncing with a PC over WiFi. That would be the next-best thing.

Anyway, I am quite interested to see what else is announced tomorrow at Apple’s event. Other rumors floating about: iTunes Store for the iPhone, so you can buy tracks directly. Also, new “fat” iPod nanos, which if true, I hope they look better than the mock-ups floating around the internets. Perhaps Beatles music on iTunes. I don’t really care; flame me if you wish. **smirk** Perhaps a Yellow Submarine iPod, as Merlin Mann jokingly predicted a few months ago… Probably no news about MacBooks; I think it’s going to mainly be about iPods/iTunes.

What, if anything, are you hoping Apple announces tomorrow?


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