Damn you, Indecision!

Quick post: Interesting thread about Twitter v. Jaiku

Well, okay, not just strictly Twitter v. Jaiku, rather the ease of starting and maintaining meaningful conversations on Jaiku as opposed to Twitter.  I originally posted a gripe on Jaiku because I was annoyed that I hadn’t gotten a response from an “A-lister” on Twitter.  I am fully aware that it’s likely she just didn’t have time to respond, or didn’t see my posts, or whatever other reasonable explanation, but it felt sort of like a snub, since she’d posted a follow-up comment to someone else on the same subject.  Anyhow, I was just venting, and of course, a lot of the replies are quite pro-Jaiku.  But try not to let that sway your opinion on the usefulness of the discussion, dear Readers.  There are some interesting points brought up, from several different points of view, so I thought I would post a link so you guys can see what we talked about.  This thread is also a prime example of what I love so much about Jaiku — spontaneous discussion threads.  Seems so much more satisfying than the quips that populate much of Twitter.

A plea to my Twitter-only friends: please try out Jaiku for a week or two.  You might like it! 🙂

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