Damn you, Indecision!

It’s new to me…

Thanks to the hubby’s job, I got to see a couple of HP’s PDA phones with built-in GPS, QWERTY keyboards, and square screens a la the Treo.  I didn’t think much of them, being more enamored with HTC’s offerings.  However, recently I had made a decision that I didn’t want to use Windows Mobile devices anymore.  Was too annoyed with the bloated-ness and especially was annoyed with the lame web browser offerings.  I jumped ship to Nokia and S60 devices with my first Nokia phone (and first slider phone), the N95.  Love it!  Thought I would miss a touchscreen, but since I had increasingly tried to use my old T-Mobile MDA without using the touchscreen, I got used to the N95 pretty quickly.  Actually, I think if I had to go back to a WinMo device, I would choose one running the Smartphone edition (don’t remember the new and improved WinMo 6 terminology :P), like the T-Mobile Dash, or its successors.  I’ve heard good things about the Dash from many tech bloggers, including the MoTR hosts. πŸ™‚

Anyway, the real reason why I’m blogging is because I saw a new HP Smartphone that I didn’t even realize existed.  I saw it in a banner ad on Boing Boing, actually.  Here’s a pic of it snipped from the website the banner ad lead to:

To my surprise, it looks pretty good.  Nothing like HP’s other dated, blocky PDA phones, a pretty sleek candybar form factor.  While it’s not flashy, it could give the HTC candybar phones a run for their money, I think.  I’m not really willing to buy one just to try it out, but I am pretty curious as to how well it works compared to something like the Dash.  I certainly wouldn’t complain if I got an evaluation unit to play with for a few weeks, hint, hint, hint, HP. πŸ™‚  Perhaps something for Matt Miller, Man of a Million Phones? πŸ˜€

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