Damn you, Indecision!

Yes, people were at the theatre at 10PM for a 12:01AM Harry Potter showing…

Once again, I write a blog post here to save people on Jaiku from having to read through a long comment…


Actually, there were some people there already at 10, but luckily the theatre we were in didn’t have a movie going, so we were able to just walk in and pick our seats, instead of waiting in line to get in.  I was a bit worried when I saw a bunch of people sitting around in front of a couple of the theatres, but was surprised to see ours was line-less. 🙂  If we had shown up an hour later at 11, which was a more reasonable time to show up, we would’ve had a hard time finding seats in the stadium seating part of the theatre.

I was worried that they’d be harrassing us all to leave our cell phones in our cars because of cameras and all that nonsense, so we left our phones out in the car’s glovebox.  I felt so “cut off” from the net while we were waiting in our seats…couldn’t even post a Jaiku that it was lucky we showed up at the theatre when we did. 😛   And it was all for naught, because everyone else had brought in their phones, of course.  There wasn’t even anyone at the door asking to see ticket stubs or anything!  It was like we had full run of the whole place, which was strange.

So there we were, with no phones, no books, nothing much to entertain us (besides a bit of convo and some snark about the teeny boppers all around us) for 2 hours except for my 770, which I did bring in with me.  No WiFi, but we did trade off playing games like MaemoDrac (solitaire), Battlegweled, and Marbles.  Honestly, I should’ve brought Half-Blood Prince with me, so I could’ve continued reading it (I had just re-read Order of the Phoenix to remind myself of the story before the movie came out, and was moving on to HBP in preparation for the 7th book’s arrival). 😛  There were some people who showed up in costume, including a couple people in rather elaborate costumes of Dumbledore and Snape.  But the majority were just teens, tweens and parents.  I felt kind of old. *smirk*

The 770 held out (its battery level was at half when we got to the theatre, so I put the screen brightness down low) and helped entertain the hubby.  We took turns playing games, but I stopped after a while so my eyes wouldn’t hurt and give me a headache.  After a bit of a glitch and slight delay in starting the previews and movie (slight audience tension and restlessness), the feature presentation played, and it was pretty good.  Of course there were bits of the book that were left out, and some story bits twisted around, but I thought it was a decent adaptation of the book.  There were things that kind of bugged me, but I won’t discuss them now.  I look forward to hearing what the various Harry Potter podcasters thought of it. 🙂  If you’re considering seeing the movie, I would recommend going.  It’s well done, and supposedly the director of this film will be back for the next, so this is a chance to get used to his style. 🙂

Anyway, it’s quite late, and I should get to bed soon.  Just wanted to type up my Order of the Phoenix experience (as best as I can remember and describe it at this late hour) since I was cut off from the world while I was waiting at the theatre. 🙂  Now counting down to the 7th book release on the 21st…yay!

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2 responses

  1. I’ll be one of the few in my town hanging out in the 24hr Wal-Mart to grab the new book. I plan to get there at 11:00 in case there is a waiting line. LOL!

    It’s sad to think its all over after this book. Any HP&TDH predictions? I’ve got a few. 😉

    July 12, 2007 at 7:26 pm

  2. I never did the midnight purchase of any of the books, but I do want to go to a local Borders and buy the book at midnight this time. It’s the last book! *sigh* I have heard many theories on Pottercast and Snapecast, but I don’t really have any predictions of my own. A while back, someone posted a theory that Harry would use a time-turner to go back to the night that Voldemort killed his parents. There’s been a popular theory that a third person was in their house when they were killed, and this theory postulated that Harry was that person. When I first heard that theory, I was pretty shocked, but very intrigued by it. I think it would be cool if that was what happened, but at the same time, I hope it’s not, because I want to be very surprised by everything that happens in the last book. 🙂

    Supposedly JKR might write a sort of encyclopedia of all things HP as a follow up to the series. So while Deathly Hallows is the last book in the series, she might do more stuff with the HP universe of stories and characters… You never know. 🙂 I’m so excited to get the last book! I need to finish rereading HBP before next Friday, though. Heh.

    July 12, 2007 at 8:16 pm

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