Damn you, Indecision!

Guys, Relax…

I was going to post this as a comment on Josh Bancroft’s blog, but it got too long-winded, and I thought it’d be rude to “hijack” the post.  So I’m posting my response here instead.  You can click above to see the original article!


Thanks!  You just saved me a blog post that I wanted to write. πŸ™‚  Seriously, I think 95% of the people buying an iPhone could care less about any features beyond phone and iPod.  I think that after a while, the novelty of surfing the web on a phone will wear off, and they won’t be doing it 24/7, killing the EDGE network!  Heh.  And anyway, when they’re on the web, they’re on websites that aren’t all full of Flash (well, save YouTube, I guess, but that’s taken care of) and all that jazz.  The websites I hit on my phone: Gmail, mobile Google Reader, mobile TwitKu/Twitter/Jaiku, sometimes a store site like Circuit City or Amazon to do price checking, customer reviews.  No problem viewing those sites, and I only have a GPRS connection currently!

My brother is a prime example of the typical iPhone user.  He’s well aware of how I’ve felt about what iPods lack, and the kind of “prosumer” type of stuff I like to do with my gadgets, and he’s been clear about not really caring about any of the extra stuff.  He just syncs his iPhone with iTunes, surfs a bit on the phone, checks e-mail periodically, and that’s it.  (Update: beyond using it as a phone and texting, of course! He has also used the Google Maps as his faux-GPS nav system while driving.) To him, the iPhone is =the= phone that he’s been waiting for.  (Another update: this is his first phone with a browser, e-mail, and the other extras, so it’s a great introduction for him and other non-uber-geek consumers to the smartphone platform.) I think most people will feel the same, and not miss anything that more business-y, prosumer-y people are missing.

I want an iPhone, even though I have a Nokia N95, which technically beats the iPhone in extras, but definitely not in screen size, battery life, or interface.  I justified my N95 purchase to the hubby by saying it’d be my pocketable, carry everywhere camera as well (which it has been), so if I moved to the iPhone, I’d have to get a teeny camera to carry along, too, which to me is a bit of an annoyance, because having a good camera on my phone has spoiled me, but it’s not a dealbreaker.  The elegance of operation on an iPhone would go pretty far with me.  I suppose I’d miss the mobile Jaiku client that I’m running on my N95, but mobile TwitKu/Jaiku website takes care of that. 

The iPhone is the hot, new platform that everyone’s going to start adapting their websites, videos, apps, etc. to, so I have no worries about the functionality being expanded.

Anyway, I think your list is pretty spot on.  Sorry about the rambling! πŸ™‚

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