Damn you, Indecision!

Geeze, Louise!

That’s exactly what I exclaimed when I checked out my blog stats after realizing that jkOnTheRun linked to my N800 reviews (parts 1 through 3)… That’s because I saw this:

That’s pretty impressive, considering I’d been getting a steady flow of traffic from WOM World (a Nokia N-series-specific site) visitors ever since I posted these reviews, and hadn’t seen a spike in traffic that huge. Hello, jkOnTheRun visitors! 🙂

Programming note: at the end of part 3 of my review, I said I was going to post a part 4 that talks about the 3rd-party apps I tried out on the N800. It’s still coming; just got a bit distracted by a number of things. *sheepish grin* It probably won’t be nearly as long as the previous parts, partly because my memory of that part of the evaluation period is fading. Also, by the time I wrestled with some of the 3rd-party apps, it was near the end of my evaluation period, and some of my frustrations led me not to mess around with the N800 much by that point.

So, part 4 is coming soon. 🙂


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