Damn you, Indecision!

Post-Holiday Grumpiness…Sorta

Hey, Kids, how was your weekend?  Mine was rather uneventful.  The hubby and I didn’t really have any travel plans, and he’s been preoccupied w/his impending engine swap, so he was busy with that.  I, on the other hand, was busy being a couch potato. *sheepish grin*  Well, on Friday night we bought the HD-DVD box set of the Ultimate Matrix Collection, essentially duplicating the 10-odd-DVD box set we got for Christmas a couple years ago. 😛  But let me say, after watching The Matrix in HD-DVD, I would say that the repurchase was well worth it!  The colors & fine details really showed off what a great HD-DVD remastering should look like.  Also, the sound was great.  I haven’t watched any of the other movies yet, or the Animatrix episodes, but I’m sure they’ll all look spectacular.  I can’t wait to buy the HD-DVD versions of the Harry Potter movies, or of Heroes!

We did watch a couple other movies this weekend — Deja Vu and Children of Men.  Deja Vu was pretty good, if a bit hokey.  Children of Men (in HD-DVD) was a bit of a disappointment in a couple ways.  The HD-DVD transfer wasn’t anything special.  And the story wasn’t really my kind of story.  I thought the cinematography was very good, and there was a powerful scene near the end, but I just wasn’t into the story.

The rest of my weekend was kind of boring. *shrug*  I didn’t have a lot in mind that I wanted to accomplish, so I didn’t really accomplish anything. *smirk*  Oh, well!  At least I sort of got caught up on sleep & some chores. 🙂


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