Damn you, Indecision!

Happy birthday, jkOnTheRun!

For the past few days, jkOnTheRun has been giving away a lot of cool mobile tech to celebrate their 3rd birthday, officially May 10.  Their 4th contest, going on right now, is for a really awesome bundle of moble tech — a Sony U71 mini-Tablet (it’s not technically a Tablet PC, nor is it technically a UMPC, but who’s checking? 🙂 ) plus a boatload of accessories that would satiate even the most ravenous neophiliac…maybe. 😀  James and Kevin are being so generous!  Isn’t the tradition that the one celebrating the birthday gets the presents?

Anyway, their 4th contest entails that readers find answers to a scavenger hunt list of 10 questions relating to personal stuff that James and Kevin have blogged about on jkOnTheRun, and then write a few words about how long we’ve been following jkOnTheRun and what we like best about the site.  Well, I’d enter, but I’d feel bad about it, because the answers are already posted many times on the site in the comment thread, and I haven’t done any of the legwork to find these answers.  But I thought I’d post my answer to their question 11:

I tried to think back to when I first found jkOnTheRun and as far as I can tell, I probably started reading it around the time I got my first Tablet PC back in November of 2005.  Whenever I get a new gadget, I try to find all sorts of online resources to help me learn more about the gadget and what cool things I can do with it.  So I’m sure that in the process of finding all the great Tablet PC websites, I found James’ (and now Kevin’s) site.  All of James’ articles about how he uses his Tablet PCs and mobile tech gear really got me thinking about also adopting a mobile tech lifestyle, but I’m not nearly as busy as James or Kevin, so I don’t have nearly as much gear as they do. 🙂  I just really admire James’ and Kevin’s enthusiasm for Tablet PCs and other mobile tech.  Their positive stories about Tablet PCs and now UMPCs are refreshing compared to all of the TPC haters out there in the tech news world (already I’m starting to get all irritated again, thinking about their misguided rants against Tablets and UMPCs!).  James and Kevin are two very good examples of people who actually use this stuff and know the pros and cons of the platforms. 

I also started listening to Mobile Tech Roundup and On the Run with Tablet PCs around the time I got my M200.  I’ve kind of fallen behind on listening to OtRwTPCs, but I listen to MoTR every week.  I have to admit, though, that I tried listening to an episode of James and Kevin’s first (?) podcast from a long, long, time ago — The Tech Addiction Show — around the time I first started getting into podcasts, and I don’t think I even listened to the episode all the way through.  I didn’t know who these guys were, and I think I might not have been interested in what James and Kevin were talking about at the time.  Now that I think about it, I should go back and find those old podcasts and see what they were talking about then. 🙂

Anyway, I read jkOnTheRun daily, and I just like hearing James and Kevin’s spin on the latest mobile tech news.  Engadget may mention some new Tablet or UMPC in passing because they’re obligated to, but James and Kevin delve deeper.  And because I do try to maintain a bit of a mobile tech lifestyle, reading jkOnTheRun is like getting tips from the experts.  Also, let’s face it: reading about all of the techie stuff James and Kevin get into, I feel better about my own tech addictions. 😀  And sometimes, their stories egg me into buying the same stuff; I have a Fujitsu P1610 because of all of the praises James has sung about it!  I’ve corresponded with both James and Kevin, and they’re both nice guys.  So not only am I checking up on a tech news site, I’m keeping up with a couple friends. 🙂

Happy blogday, Guys!

P.S.  May must be a tech blogging month, because in the process of sifting through my old blog entries trying to find out any clues about when or how I found jkOnTheRun, I realized that I started my own blog on May 2, 2006.  I missed my own blogday, oops. 🙂  I couldn’t believe it’s already been a year!  Of course when I first started, I didn’t intend for my personal blog to be a techie blog (and it still isn’t really).  But since I’m such a gadget freak, I guess it’s hard not to blog about tech and gadgets I’m interested in. 🙂

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2 responses

  1. Thanks for the kind words! Kevin and I have fun doing what we do and it’s great to see that people actually read it. 🙂

    How’s that P1610 working for you?

    May 11, 2007 at 5:26 am

  2. It’s awesome to see comments like these; it tells us that the our effort and the knowledge we’re trying to share are valued, which is really what it’s all about. My hope is that not a single day goes by without someone gaining value from the site. Thanks and Happy Belated Blog Birthday! 😉

    May 11, 2007 at 10:34 am

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