Damn you, Indecision!

Today’s found TV ad song: Remake of “Only You”

Just saw a JCPenney commercial (since when did they become the ones with the spiffy commercial music?) that featured a remake of the awesome Yaz song “Only You”.  It sounded really good, and I was curious who did it, so I did a quick Google search and found the info here.  Apparently it’s done by Joshua Radin, and the background vocals were done by Schuyler Fisk.  Just now I realized that I actually heard a remix of this remake (wow, it’s so meta) when I was browsing iTunes for Imogen Heap stuff (she did the remix).  If you want to hear this song, check out this Hype Machine search results page.  BTW, Hype Machine is a great search engine for music that crawls various music blogs and returns links to the mp3s on those blogs.  Obviously, these tracks are meant for sampling, so please buy the tracks if you like them.

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