Damn you, Indecision!

Quick question for Series 3 HD TiVo Owners…

While I’ve really liked the EyeTV setup we have on our iMac for DVR purposes, sometimes it gets bogged by other things going on on the computer at the same time, or for some unknown reason scheduled recordings just don’t get recorded. It got me thinking about going back to a TiVo again.  We stopped using our Series 2 TiVo because we got an HDTV and SD recording from TiVo looked like total crap on the HDTV.  We didn’t have the budget to spring for HD satellite service, so we have been just getting our HD broadcasts over the air.  And considering that most of the shows we watch in HD are available this way, paying for HD satellite service didn’t make sense to us.

Anyway, to the main question.  I found out that Series 3 HD TiVos can handle ATSC digital antenna input.  How does TiVo handle program guide info for an antenna input?  Can it do Season Passes and similar stuff like that?  Also, can it handle two digital antenna inputs, one for each tuner?

After I had read the HD TiVo can do ATSC input, I was really psyched about possibly going back to TiVo, so any info about the above questions would be really appreciated!

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