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Quick post: Photo inventory of your belongings?

A long time ago I saw this article on Lifehacker that suggested to take a picture or scan the serial numbers of your personal belongings and post them somewhere online (Flickr, Smugmug) so that you have a good record of these items for insurance purposes.  From time to time I’m reminded of this idea because I’m accumulating a good deal of camera equipment and electronics that would be very expensive to replace in the case of theft or damage or whatever.  My alternative to this idea would be to use something like Google Spreadsheets to save a list of serial numbers online, or mailing myself an Excel spreadsheet of my serial numbers.

My question to you guys is: in the case of someone breaking into my accounts online, how much damage could thieves inflict by having this info?  I know it’s not as sensitive as having my credit card numbers, but what could someone do if they happened to get a hold of my list of serial numbers?  Would they be able to make fake insurance or warranty claims or something like that?  Or is the information basically useless to someone else besides me?

I’m curious because I’m really thinking about documenting my valuables somehow, and taking pics of the serial numbers or creating some spreadsheet or something would be an easy way of storing this info in a secondary place.

Please post your comments about this. 🙂

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One response

  1. I’m considering a photo record, along with tracking sheet, of our stuff ahead of our upcoming move. Will likely keep a local copy and a copy on our website. Should be zipped, password-protected and possibly encrypted. Posting on a free service is a decent idea, but I’d rather have all the data compressed in a single, secure file with metadata included.

    April 22, 2007 at 7:03 am

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