Damn you, Indecision!

PSP and free T-Mobile HotSpot access for 6 months? Not yet.

Over my lunch break I decided to stop over at a local Borders to try to sign up for the free T-Mobile HotSpot access that comes with upgrading my PSP to firmware 3.30 (I’m not a homebrew diva).  After a while of finagling with the T-Mobile hotspot website that automatically pops up when you sign on to the network, I figured that there must be some specific way to do this that is not the same as the normal sign-up process.  So I busted out my MDA and logged on to jkOnTheRun, which was a slow affair in and of itself over my Lame-O GPRS (TM) connection. 😛  I thought perhaps there would be a link there to the procedure for signing up for the limited free access, or maybe there’d be a comment from someone who tried it.  Close…  Someone had mentioned the US Playstation website, so I surfed over there (more slowness) and found a vague set of instructions.  Basically I had to use the new "Use Wireless Hotspot" option for network connections, but it wasn’t working correctly.  After a while of wrestling with it, I gave up and decided that it might not be working as detailed on the Playstation website because I was using a Japanese imported PSP.

Side story: I bought this import PSP for my brother one year at Christmas because it is white, and he is kind of an Apple fanboy who prefers the clean look of their white electronics. 🙂  He was psyched to get it, but later on we found out that since it is an import, it would not play UMD movies bought here in the States (don’t even get me started; I know my bro would’ve done better to avoid all UMD movies and just rip and convert existing DVDs for the PSP).  So I agreed to switch my US PSP for his.  At that time, I was not really using my PSP that much, so I didn’t care a whole lot what color or region it was.  But after a while, new PSP firmwares came out that extended the functionality of the PSP as a media player (such as basically supporting podcasts in AAC or H.264 format for iPods without conversion) that I started to use the PSP more, off and on.  Up until now, using the Japanese import was fine.  But I think I will switch back with him (he doesn’t really use his PSP a whole lot right now) to check whether or not I can get this free T-Mobile HotSpot access going.

In reality I don’t really need the access; I can use my MDA’s Lame-O GPRS (TM) for checking e-mail and Twitter and stuff.  But I am curious just to get it working.  I already bookmarked my Google Bookmarks page and my Twitter page in anticipation of getting the PSP online for free at Borders. 🙂

Check back later for the next part to this saga.


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