Damn you, Indecision!

Quick thought about Google Reader

I =love= Google Reader.  Ever since they improved their format for the feeds, I’ve been using it exclusively. (Yeah, I dabbled again with Pulp Fiction Lite for about 2 seconds after I set up my iMac, but ran back to Google Reader.)  I even like the mobile version of Google Reader for viewing on my phone, even though it’s missing some of the features of the full version.

My one wishlist item for the moment: that I could see my starred items organized by feed.  Right now, if I click on the link for starred items, they’re all mashed together.  Hard to search for an article you think you starred to keep around for reference. 

There are many other wishlist items I have, but I wanted to quickly write about this one, since I had to deal with this limitation recently.

More wishlist items later.

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