Damn you, Indecision!

Deepfish: Mobile Web Browser for Smartphones


Saw a link to this from C|Net’s Crave blog.  What really caught my attention was that Deepfish supposedly works like Safari on the iPhone, where it renders the whole web page as you’d see it on a PC.  Then you can zoom in on certain parts of the web page to actually read the content.  On the iPhone you could do this with your fingers on the touchscreen, but with Deepfish, you are dependent on the Smartphone’s joystick.

Check out the demo here.  According to the Deepfish site, it’s an invite-only download (ah, isn’t that the Web 2.0 way? *smirk*).  If anyone has an invite, I’d like one, since I just found out this will run on Windows Mobile devices also (supposedly). 

Has anyone tried this out?

P.S. The Crave blog post also mentions ZenZui, which I saw pop up in Twitter recently but sort of glossed over.  Will have to revisit this.

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