Damn you, Indecision!

Jumping on the Twitter bandwagon

Update: Ooops, for some reason I can’t add more than one custom RSS feed to my blog… Oh well, you’ll just have to sign up and friend me on Twitter. 🙂

Hey, Kids!

Yeah, I did it, I signed up for a Twitter account.  If you’re interested in seeing what I’m Twittering (Tweeting?) throughout the day, I’m going to try to add the RSS feed to my blog sidebar.  Also, you can sign up for Twitter and add me as a friend.  Here’s my Twitter page, with updates from the people I’ve already added as friends:


Here’s the Twitter feed with only my updates:


I can already tell that I’m going to be more of a lurker than a real source of information on Twitter, but that’s okay.

Next up, I’ll probably get a Tumblelog that will aggregate my WordPress, Flickr, and Twitter stuff all together. 😀  It’s all Leo Laporte’s and Merlin Mann’s fault…they mentioned Twitter and Tumblr on MacBreak Weekly a while ago!


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