Damn you, Indecision!

We watch too much 24…

     Heh. 🙂  Say what you will about the outlandishness of 24, you gotta admit it’s entertaining. 😀

     Anyway, this is not the main point of my blog post.  Tonight the hubby is playing around with his new HTC TyTN (Man, I wish I had one…he has it for work.  I will divulge the semi-interesting full story later.), and he just installed the mobile Google Maps application.  Through some registry hacking, he enabled the Windows Mobile 5 intermediate GPS applet which allows him to use a Bluetooth GPS module with the Google Maps application so it can track your location, just like a regular navigation app.  He had to enable this because the Google Maps application does not have a way to communicate with the BT GPS device itself.  It relies on Windows Mobile to do it. 

     Once he got it all working and the app had pinpointed his location via the BT module, he switched to the satellite view on his PDA and exclaimed, “This is SO Jack Bauer!” 😀  LOL…  He then proceeded to show me a little bit of how the app works, downloading map data on-the-fly over his UMTS data connection (again, envious here…I only have lame-o GPRS on my MDA) as he panned around the map.  He even created a route from his current location and at each intersection point along the map, Google Maps shows a little bubble that displays text route guidance information like, “Head north on Blah St. .2 miles to Whatever Rd.”  He might try using the application on his commute in to work tomorrow to see if the little guidance bubbles pop up automatically as he drives the route; currently the bubbles only show up if you tap on the little intersection markers along the marked route.  This app sounds really cool.  If it had voice guidance, I think a lot of GPS navigation device manufacturers would be worried (or want to make deals with Google).  It does look really cool, and the fact that it downloads the map data on-the-fly means you don’t have to fill up a storage cards with maps that you need ahead of time.  In fact, he has yet to buy a micro-SD card for his TyTN, so he was just using his internal storage to run the Google Maps app.

     Well, this was really just meant to be a blog about how amused I was that the hubby said something was “so Jack Bauer”, but it turned out to be like a mini first impression about the mobile Google Maps app.  Neato. 🙂


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