Damn you, Indecision!

Just got through updating Flickr today (and yesterday)…


Originally uploaded by Jezlyn26.

I wish there were an easy way of migrating changes you’ve made to a Flickr gallery/account to a Smugmug account. I have pro accounts on both photo sharing services, and I’d like to keep them both up-to-date (more eyes seeing my pics is always a good thing). But after I’ve gone through all the trouble tagging and organizing pics on Flickr, I don’t feel like replicating all that work on Smugmug. 😛

At any rate, it’s shameless plug time. Here’s a gallery of the miscellaneous pics I took as part of my attempt at Project 365.

If you’re curious, there are several other sets on Flickr to peruse. 🙂 Hopefully from now on, even if I’m not exactly taking a picture a day, I’ll update my Flickr (and Smugmug) accounts more often.


One response

  1. BigDanMo

    You know full well that I can’t read, but if I could, I bet I would find some helpful info in this topic…


    February 16, 2007 at 12:50 pm

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