Damn you, Indecision!

WriteToMyBlog test post

Interesting. As I was checking my Gmail, I saw this little ad at the top of the page for WriteToMyBlog, a web-based blog editor. I clicked on the link and it automatically brought me to webpage that has a standard-looking word processor interface. I'm typing out this post in the editor right now. Seems like an interesting service, especially for bloggers who don't like the web interface of their current blogs. A quote from the top of the page:

"WriteToMyBlog is a free web based word processor for your Blog.
Create Post Entries for your Blog from right here, completely free, no
membership required, can Post to multiple Blogs simultaneously, manage
your Posts, works with all major Blog programs, and is easy-peasy!"

If this works okay, it might be a nice alternative to use when I don't have my own computer with me (in which case I'd be using Windows Live Writer). Now, I just happened upon the ad, so if it turns out later that there are some issues with it, I'll post updates. For now it seems okay. Now to actually post…

Editor’s Note: As you can see, the post showed up successfully! I am editing it from WordPress.com to add this little note and clean up the category tags. What’s nice about WriteToMyBlog is that you don’t even have to sign up for the service. If you wanted, you could just bring up the site, type a quick post, and hit publish, upon which the site brings up a little dialog box for you to sign in to your blog service. You can save the login info, which would save a cookie to your computer, but you don’t have to. I wonder what their business model is…to get bought by Google or Yahoo, like Writely and other Web 2.0 sites did?


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