Damn you, Indecision!

My Fujitsu has a first name…

…it’s P-I-G-I-O.  No, it doesn’t have a second name. *smirk*  Actually, I meant to post this a while ago, because someone had commented on one of my ink blog posts about the P1610, saying that it seems like it already had a name, since when I write out “P1610”, it looked to him like “Pigio”. 🙂  And what’s even funnier is that when I laughed and told the hubby about this, he said he was going to tell me the same thing!

So how do you pronounce “Pigio”?  I pronounce it like “Piggy-o”, although for a while I was toying with a couple different pronounciations like “Pee-jyo” (similar to Peugeot), and “Pee-zhee-o” (like Giorgio, but with “pee” instead of “geor”).  Anyway, this is starting to sound like a very strange conversation. *smirk*

I’m going to be leaving for the Detroit auto show, or more formally, the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), tomorrow night after work, so I’m trying to get all my camera and computer gear together.  Pigio is going to do double duty as my laptop/photo editing machine, as well as my photo bin.  I used to carry around an Epson P-2000 photo bin, and I might bring it with me as a backup, in case something strange happens to Pigio and I am not able to offload pictures onto it.  Actually, I have an 8GB CF card for my Nikon D70 (thanks to the deal I saw mentioned on jkOnTheRun a few months ago), so I might not need to dump photos from it, but I am bringing a second camera (not sure exactly which one) that will use SD cards that will need to be emptied from time to time.  Luckily Pigio has a built-in SD slot that I can use instead of the less convenient USB card reader I have for my CF cards (and other memory cards).  Hopefully Pigio’s battery will survive the day at the auto show; I’ll bring his AC adapter, but I doubt that while I’m on the show floor that there’ll be any free outlets I can use.  Perhaps there will be some outside the hall that I can use while we take a lunch or dinner break (it’s tradition to buy pizza from the hall vendors…forgot the name of the pizza joint, though).  Eventually I’ll get either an extended battery for Pigio, and/or get the Portable Power Station external battery pack that James from jkOnTheRun has.  For now I’ll be sparingly powering up Pigio to dump photo from my and the hubby’s cameras. 

Hopefully this year I’ll actually get off my duff and post the pictures I’ve taken at the auto show.  I have a number of years of auto show pics from both Detroit and Chicago shows that I took but never got through editing/posting.  Lazy ass me. 😛


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