Damn you, Indecision!

What tech did you GIVE this Christmas?

Lots of tech blogs out there asked what techie goodness you got for Christmas, which is always fun to ask, but I thought I’d ask what tech did you give this year?

I bought a good amount of techie stuff for other people this year, despite what I said in a previous blog post, about how I was hesitant to buy tech gifts because other people probably wouldn’t enjoy them as much as I would.  Luckily, it seems that most of my techie gifts were hits. 🙂

1. For the hubby, I got a Pioneer Inno portable XM receiver/mp3 player and a car kit, from XMFanStore.com.  Their pricing was the best, with the total for both items being less than the receiver itself from Circuit City.  I had to make sure not to use the joint credit card so that the hubby wouldn’t see the purchase in our online statement! 😀  He hasn’t tried out the mp3 player part of it yet, but we got tons of use out of the receiver for piping Christmas music through our home theatre speakers.  He’s going to have to redo his custom stereo setup in his car to accommodate the new receiver.  He had originally taken apart an XM boom box cradle and created a custom setup in the car since he never listens to regular radio or CDs.  I think the easiest thing he could do now is to put back the original factory stereo in his car and get an aux input adapter for the car kit cradle.

2. For my brother, I got a Zune home AV kit so he can watch videos and pipe music through his TV.  This was a hit, since he’s currently very enthusiastic about his Zune right now. 🙂  It’s a little cheesy because all it does is basically output the Zune’s display to the TV instead of displaying a custom kiosk display that is more TV-friendly, but it does the job, and he’s happy with it.

3. For my parents I got a couple techie things that I hope will actually be used.  They each got an iPod shuffle (my bro bought my dad’s, and I bought my mom’s) which we filled with music that they like, so all they have to do is put it in shuffle mode and hit play.  I also bought them an Epson Picturemate Snap inkjet printer.  My mom bought herself a Fuji A500 digital camera (which I bought a 1GB xD card for), and I thought it’d be nice for them to have this nice printer around the house to save a trip out to Target or wherever to get prints of digital pictures they take.  The criteria for both techie gifts were mainly to be drop-dead easy to use, and not require a PC for operation.  Yes, both the iPod shuffle and the printer can be used with a PC, but since my parents are not computer savvy, we were going for PC-less operation.  While I think they’ll probably use the shuffles a good deal, I’m hoping the printer doesn’t just fall by the wayside.  They were very impressed by its performance when I showed them how to print out pictures and used a few pics I took during our gift exchange as examples, but we’ll have to see if they feel comfortable enough printing out their own pics.  I wanted to get them a digital photo frame that I could connect up to the Net to get updates from my Flickr account or something, but they don’t have broadband, and amazingly enough, there are no WiFi access points around their neighborhood that I could have the digiframe piggyback on. *smirk*  I’m not just talking open WiFi, but any WiFi APs, period.  It’s really baffling…  Anyway, the ‘rents were happy for those gifts.  The in-laws also got the same printer, but the hubby’s dad is more computer savvy, so we’re sure they’ll get some good use out of it.

In the less techie realm of gifts…

4. The hubby also got the trio of Burger King Xbox 360 games — Sneak King, Pocket Bike Racer, and Big Bumpin’. 😀  I actually bought these from one of the many sellers on eBay selling the whole set.  Then after I bought them, I saw that BK was offering the whole set for sale without having to buy a value meal and paying an extra $4 for one of the games. 😛  I’m actually very impressed by the quality of these games.  The premise of each one is very fun, and the graphics are top-notch.  Controls are easy and intuitive, and the replay factor is high.  Great for casual gamers.

5. Last, but not least, we got the hubby’s brother and wife a Senseo coffee maker.  Not terribly techie, especially compared to the newer version that has an LCD display on it, but a welcome gift for new parents needing their caffeine boost. 🙂

There were lots of “supplementary” gifts given to our family members, like books and DVDs and such, but I thought I’d talk about the techie stuff we bought, considering my blog has been pretty tech-oriented for the most part. 🙂  Feel free to post what sort of techie stuff you gave this year; it might be a good idea for someone else to use next year, or for an upcoming birthday.  I’ll post later about the techie stuff I got, besides the good ol’ P1610.


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