Damn you, Indecision!

Cool find for IE7

UPDATE: Yeah, take this tip with a grain of salt if you’re planning to use the mouse gestures with a Tablet PC in slate mode. When I was using the mouse gestures on my Tablet with the little trackstick and mouse buttons, they were recognized fine for 98% of the time. But when I switched into slate mode and used my stylus, things quickly went south. I got similar results that the hubby saw, where instead of closing a tab, the browser would load other content into the tab, or would open a new window, or would load the next discussion thread in order of the main index, etc. I don’t know why the mouse gestures would behave so differently when drawn with a stylus, but they do. The mouse gestures in FF are WAY better (and there are more versions to choose from). For now I’ll still stick with IE7, but the mouse gestures are on probation. I just wish FF would fix the stupid memory management problems already! FF is a better browser than IE, for the most part.

I’m probably way behind on finding this add-on for IE7, but I went searching for a mouse gestures “extension” for IE7 since Firefox has been pissing me off lately. I mainly have had problems with Gmail on Firefox on the P1610, not being able to open messages, and I haven’t had the patience to track down the info to fix the problem, so I switched to using IE7 (shocking, no?). I like the Google toolbar that was pre-installed (can’t remember if it was done by Fujitsu or what), and I don’t remember the FF version being the same, so that was another thing I liked about my IE7 installation.

Anyway, with mouse gestures installed, IE7 seems to be working very similarly to a basic installation of FF, so I’m going to try using IE7 for a while to see how it works out. I’ve also been really annoyed at FF’s bloatedness and memory management issues (it’s such a known problem that I’m really surprised it hasn’t been fixed by now), so I wanted to try something else that wasn’t Opera. I think Opera is a good browser, and it was the first one to hook me on mouse gestures, but I still don’t like how it has problems rendering pages that IE and FF can render with no problem. I know it’s a web design standards issue, but why can’t they just relax Opera’s rendering engine a little bit to accommodate the crapily-coded websites that use weirdo code for IE or whatever else? 😛 It may be a principles thing, to try to force webmasters to use better code, but in reality, Opera’s just limiting its market share by not relaxing its web standards a bit.

Any other cool add-ons for IE7 I should know about?


2 responses

  1. I tried IE Mouse Gestures on my Scribbler, but it was noticeably sluggish. Should work fine for me now that I’ve upgraded, but I’m still leery.

    December 27, 2006 at 6:26 pm

  2. The mouse gestures seem fine on my P1610, and it’s a tad anemic because I only have 512MB RAM currently (1.2 GHz processor). Your Tablet, IIRC, has a Core Duo, so I’m guessing it’ll be fine.

    The hubby decided to take the plunge with IE7 + mouse gestures because of his annoyance at FF’s memory mgmt problems as well, but the mouse gestures were being a little peculiar on the Toshiba M200 for some reason — not closing tabs properly when the down-right gesture was used, opening random links on the current tab instead of closing the current tab, stuff like that. I’m not sure what’s up with that, but he found that if he was more deliberate and drew the gestures larger, it worked better. I don’t know if the mouse gestures have some kind of issue when used on discussion forum webpages (which is when he was having problems), for one reason or another. *shrug*

    I haven’t experienced the same issues, but since installing the mouse gestures, I’ve been using the P1610 in laptop mode.

    December 27, 2006 at 6:46 pm

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