Damn you, Indecision!

Washington Post Weighs in on the Zune

Sending this via e-mail, so please excuse lack of clickable links (if the link below isn’t converted).  Interesting article.  I hope people at Microsoft are paying attention to articles like these.  The reskinned WMP11/Urge combo isn’t going to be enough to compete against iTunes.  I still think it’s stupid they didn’t just delay the release so that they could design a new Zune content store and synchronization software ( with netcast support!).  I understand they wanted to make the holiday shopping season, but putting out an unfinished product like this is more hurtful to a company than missing the shopping season, IMO.  Hopefully people getting Zunes for Christmas aren’t going to return them the week after.


Rob Pegoraro – Microsoft’s Zune Only Looks Simple – washingtonpost.com



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