Damn you, Indecision!


Hey, Kids! Sorry for the lack of ink blogging; I’ve simply been lazy. *sheepish grin* Anyway, I realized yesterday that I am coming up on my one-year anniversary of owning a Tablet PC. Wouldn’t you know it, I’m wanting to upgrade it already. 🙂 Probably not surprising, given my neophilia, but seriously, even though I’ve only had this Tablet for almost a year, there is already a successor for this model — the Toshiba M400. Not to say that my M200 is necessarily obsolete because the M400 is out now; I just feel like if I am going to want to run Vista sometime, I’ll probably need to get a newer, faster machine to run it satisfactorily.

I’m very tempted by the Asus R2H, as I have been since the announcement of the UMPC platform. However, I am still really partial to active digitizers because of how I like to take notes for work, and how much neater and realistic the ink looks for things like ink blogging. The Lenovo x60 (x61?) looks more tempting to me because of its hybrid screen technology combining an active and passive digitizer. However, since the rumors of its specs came out, no more definite information about its release date has been released, that I know of. The Fujitsu P1610 also looks very promising since it is a mini-convertible with better palm rejection technology than the P1510D had. Even though I could probably work quite comfortable & efficiently with a slate Tablet, a mini-convertible seems more convenient to me.

So yes, I’m still not sure what I’d upgrade to, even though I’m itching for an upgrade. I’m hoping that I might get to try out the Asus R2H if the hubby’s department purchases one for testing. 🙂 I haven’t forgotten about the Q1; it’s just that the hubby has been hogging it! As for the Lenovo or Fujitsu, I would love to see them in person before I even think about saving up for either one. My local Fry’s might get a Fujitsu P1610 since they sell the P1510D. As for the Lenovo, whenever it comes out, maybe the local Microcenter or TigerDirect would have it on display?

Are you ready to upgrade your computer? What do you plan to get?


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