Damn you, Indecision!

Windows Apple Software Update?!


    Okay, this is really weird to see on my Tablet PC. I’m used to seeing it on my Mac mini (and usually ignoring it for as long as possible…heh), but when I woke up my M200 today and saw this, I was pretty surprised. It reminded me that there was a little bit of discussion on Buzz Out Loud a while back about how when you installed the new iTunes that this Apple Software Update was installed also. Text about the ASU referred to updating iTunes and “other Apple software”. Just what other Apple software will be coming to Windows? Are they just talking about Quicktime?

    I think the person who e-mailed BOL wondered if the iLife suite of programs would be ported to Windows. I think that would be a Good Thing (TM) for Windows users. A lot of the comparable programs for Windows lack polish and functionality, IMO. Sure, you can make movies with Windows Movie Maker or whatever, but I think iMovie output looks nicer. Yes, the iLife apps do have limitations of their own, but casual users probably won’t butt up against these limitations as more power users would. Personally, I don’t use many of the iLife apps much right now (mainly because the Mac mini now serves as our media computer, and doing regular computing on an HDTV is a lot more difficult than you think), but when I played around with them, I found them way better than anything comparable (not trying to compare to Adobe pro apps or anything) I tried to use in the Windows environment.

    Anyway, this Apple Software Update notification is also kind of funny, because it’s just updating itself for security and reliability reasons! 🙂 It’ll be interesting to see what other software, if any, migrates over to Windows. I know Apple’s a hardware company, but I think they’d benefit a lot from selling their software. Their computers are already winning over Windows users that buy MacBooks or MacBook Pros to run Windows on, via Boot Camp or Parallels. They could eke out some more income by selling the iLife suite to Windows users who aren’t quite ready to invest in Apple hardware…yet. I’m not saying anything new here, but perhaps if enough people keep reiterating this point, Apple will go ahead and do it. 🙂


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